Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Jack 9 Entertainment Unveils Cutting-Edge IPTV for the ''Man's Man'' and a Targeted Advertising Platform for Madison Avenue at its Website jack9.com

Everybody's been asking, "What is Jack9.com?" Is it an IPTV network? A solution for monetizing eyeballs on the Internet? An online community for guys who live on the cutting edge? The answer is: all of the above - and more.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (BusinessWire EON) April 2, 2007 -- Unlike the thousands of mashups on viral video sites like YouTube, Jack9's www.jack9.com offers all-original content aimed at men who crave Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Extreme Sports, Street Sport Biking and other "man's man" programming. With its highly-targeted content, Jack9's www.jack9.com is attracting demographics that represent an advertiser's dream: 18- to 34-year-old males.

"Jack9 offers eye candy for guys and an eye opener for advertisers who are flocking to men's magazines and sports TV stations," says Jack 9's President, James Marcellino. "Now, advertisers can flock to Jack9 and pay pennies on the dollar for measurable campaigns."

Jack9 offers the best of all media worlds: targeted demographics, entertaining content, and advertising that's embedded smack dab in the middle of the most suitable programming. Exclusive content deals with the likes of the International Sport Combat Federation, the International Kickboxing Federation, and sport bike rider Jason Britton offer content viewers can't find anywhere else online. That's why Jack9 calls it "un-television."

* only can advertisers track campaign results in real-time using Jack9's proprietary analytics tools, they can also move their ad from one program to another in a flash. Forget focus groups. Jack9 offers click-by-click market research that traditional surveys can't rival because the proof is in the numbers.

"At www.Jack9.com, 10 different guys in 10 different parts of the world could be watching the same program - with different product endorsements," Marcellino explains. "We can serve up commercials based on age, location and/or preferences with our proprietary technology."

www.Jack9.com also offers access to live events, like concerts and fighting matches, along with Web 2.0 tools that let users vote on contests, like the Miss Jack9 competition, or upload video clips to other social networking sites. No matter if the content is reproduced on YouTube, MySpace or some other venue, the advertiser still collects viewer data. Think of it as reality TV with a social media twist.

"Jack9 is a like television mixed with interactive gaming technology," says Eric Darst, the programming mind behind www.Jack9.com. "But it's the back end that's so powerful for advertisers. Our proprietary technology profiles visitors and gives them the content they want - and the advertising that matches."


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