Wednesday, April 4, 2007

K-1 World Max 2007 - Quick Results

Ameba presents K-1 WORLD MAX 2007
Date : Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Gate Open 17:00 Start 18:00
Place : Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa, Japan

Quick Results:
01: Hiroya vs Noritaka Nishimura: Hiroya via KO R1
02: Ian Schaffa vs Keija Ozaki: Ian Schaffa via Unanimous Decision.
03: Mike Zambidis vs Kozo Takeda: Mike Zambidis via Unanimous Decision
04: Buakaw Por Pramuk vs Andy Ologun: Buakaw Por Pramuk via Unanimous Decision.
05: Virgil Kalakoda vs Hiroyuki Maeda: Virgil Kalakoda via Unanimous Decision
06: Andy Souwer vs Yoshihiro Sato: Andy Souwer via Unanimous Decision.
07: Masato vs Ole Laursen: Masato via Unanimous Decision.

Video: Buakaw Por Pramuk vs Andy Ologun (32MB): (Download)
Note: Use winamp to view this file.

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