Friday, April 6, 2007

Shawn Tompkins Discusses His New Position & Future of the IFL

With Bas Rutten becoming the pivotal figure in the International Fighting League’s (IFL) future, a void appeared at the head coaching position of the Los Angeles Anacondas. They needed to look no further then their own assistant coach, Shawn Tompkins. His resume speaks for himself as his protégé Chris Horodecki in an undefeated rising star and he just recently helped Dan Henderson tighten up his striking skills to knock out Pride Champion Wanderlei Silva. ADCC News had a chance to talk with Tompkins and find out what he felt about his new position and who he will be working with in the future.

ADCC: Shawn before we talk about the IFL, you recently worked with Dan Henderson before his rematch with Wanderlei Silva. How proud of you were with him when he was able knock out Silva and will you be working with him again in the future? SHAWN: I was very proud of the fight between Hendo (Henderson) and Wanderlei. Dan and I have been working very hard on his striking skills and he has improved so much. He already has such great drive and power and loves to fight, so training him is a lot of fun. The knockout made a lot of things happen in both our careers.

ADCC: Besides the team members on the Anacondas, what other professional fighters do you work with on a regular basis? SHAWN: Right now, besides the Anacondas and my Canadian fighters I am working with Dan Henderson, Theiry Soukoudju, Mayhem (Jason) Miller, Gray Maynard and will be training Phil Baroni for his upcoming fight with Frank Shamrock. I am very excited in training Phil for this fight, I have a really great feeling about it.

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