Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ten Questions with Jon Fitch

By Mike Shupe

1) You're 5-0 in the UFC, but you've never fought on the main card, why is that?

Jon Fitch: I did get to fight Hironaka as a swing bout on UFC 64, but I’m not sure why I haven't been given more exposure.

2) Do you feel disrespected by the UFC?

JF: No, I just don’t think they expected very much from me.

3) If you were on TUF, would you be on the main card?

JF: I guess so, seems like most those guys get main card bouts.

4) Do you feel any animosity towards guys who were on the TUF shows?

JF: Not at all, I make more money than most those guys.

5) How long can you keep your winning streak going?

JF: I don’t even really think of it as a streak. I just focus on one fight at a time. As long as I keep working the way I have been then I don’t see why I cant keep it going.

6) When will you get a title shot?

JF: Probably not till next year at least. There are just so many good fighters at [welterweight] right now.

7) Who would you like to fight next?

JF: Somebody ranked higher than me, but it looks like all those guys are busy with other fights right now.

8) You are currently ranked as the #4 Welterweight in the UFC by TopFighterStandings, do you think that’s fair?

JF: I think that it is fair. I don’t put to much importance on rankings though, anyone can beat anyone on any given day.

9) Where would you rank yourself?

JF: I guess at least top ten.

10) Does the UFC need a rankings system?

JF: I think the rankings need to be done independently. That way the UFC can’t manipulate the rankings.


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