Friday, April 6, 2007

Tyson Griffin Talks Fight w/ Edgar & Split from the Nor-Cal Fighting Alliance

Before Tyson Griffin fought Frankie Edgar on February 3, 2007 at UFC 67:All or Nothing, he was undefeated in eight fights, only letting one of his opponents out of the first round. However, facing top competition in the UFC, it is unlikely that a fighter will remain undefeated for a long time. Unfortunately for Griffin, his fight with Edgar ended in a close decision that resulted in his first professional loss. With that loss behind him and his training camp situation cleared away, Griffin can now focus on a future win streak and getting back into the UFC Lightweight Title picture. He is what Griffin told ADCC News in regards to his war with Edgar and his split from the Nor-Cal Fighting Alliance.

ADCC: Tyson let’s talk about your last fight with Frankie Edgar. Tell us about that fight and what was he able to do that no one else could do to you? TYSON: The thing Edgar could do that nobody else I fought before could do was defend the takedown the entire fight. My corner man Mike Pyle said it looked like someone trying to stuff a cat in a toilette. He wouldn’t let his back touch the mat for even a second. He's a really good wrestler. I don’t know how he didn’t tap to the kneebar though. I popped the joint a few times but eventually he was able to slip out.

ADCC: That was the first time in your career you went to a third round decision and only the second time one of your fights have went past the first. Was cardio an issue and were you expecting a third round fight with Edgar? TYSON: I never expect a three round fight. I go out and go balls to the wall and in eight fights, its ended with my hand raised. I train for five rounds when I’m training and although I was in great shape, I didn’t control my weight properly and had to dehydrate more than usual. I think that played the biggest factor in me getting tired out there. I never underestimate my opponents and Frank Edgar was no different. He was a good college wrestler and I know what that level brings, so I knew I had to train hard. I think he was a better wrestler but I’m still improving my wrestling.

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