Tuesday, April 3, 2007

UFC 69 Betting

By Destiney Lewis

UFC 69 betting is in full effect. April will be a mouth watering month for Mixed Martial Arts fans and the UFC promises not to disappoint with both UFC 69 and UFC 70 planned for this month.

UFC 69 takes place this coming Saturday April 7 with a full card that includes the highly anticipated return of French-Canadian Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre (13-1) who will challenge Matt "The Terror" Serra (15-4).

Serra was the Season 4 winner of the "Ultimate Fighter" television reality show and hopes to upset the new champion though the betting public is overwhelmingly on St-Pierre a 90% favorite.

Online gambling websites endorsed by Sports911.com that are offering betting on UFC 69 include:

BetUS.com - with its flimsy but favorable lines for sports bettors

Bookmaker.com - now offering an incredible free cash signup bonus.

"You should never have fewer than three online sports betting accounts in order to maximize value," says Tyrone Black of Sports911.com. "Those who have more than one online betting account tend to win over time at a higher percentage."

Black's statement cannot be scientifically substantiated.

In other UFC news, UFC president Dana White had some harsh words for boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. during a media conference call on Monday, in response to things Mayweather said in his own conference call last week.

"You know, Floyd Mayweather just came out and said some stupid s--- about Chuck Liddell," White said.

Last week, Mayweather -- on a conference call to help promote his May 5 fight with Oscar De La Hoya -- disrespected the UFC and the sport of MMA in general, specifically UFC light heavyweight champion Liddell. Mayweather questioned whether the dominant Liddell could hang with a good boxer.

"We should put Liddell against a good heavyweight, under Mayweather Promotions," Mayweather said last week. "If Chuck wins, then I'll give him a million dollars out of my own pocket."

Dana White -- himself a former amateur boxer before heading up the most successful MMA promotion in U.S. history -- scoffed at Mayweather's challenge and called Mayweather's box-office value into question.


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