Friday, April 6, 2007

UFC 69 preview: Battle of the nicknames

By Pramit Mohapatra

Does a good nickname mean anything inside the Octagon?

UFC 69 is the second leg of the current UFC road show that began at UFC 68 in Columbus, Ohio, and ends at UFC 70 in Manchester, England. UFC 69 will take place in Houston, Texas, and features one title match and a number of other intriguing matchups. UFC 68 showcased local talent and this event will do the same -- UFC 69 will highlight several of the promotion's fighters with roots in and around the Lone Star State.

With UFC 69 being held in a state widely known by its nickname, I decided to pick each matchup solely based on the fighters' nicknames. While some fighters have clearly gotten creative on the naming front, others should consider hiring PR agencies. Does a fighter's nickname give us insight into how he will fare in the Octagon? At UFC 69, we'll find out …

Georges "Rush" St. Pierre vs. Matt "The Terror" Serra (welterweight title match)

As far as I can tell, St. Pierre's official nickname "Rush" is less popular than his unofficial nickname -- "GSP." Either way, I'm not impressed. Serra -- on the other hand -- came up with a nickname that rhymes with his last name and is so un-PC in this post-9/11 world you wonder how he hasn't already been sent down to Gitmo Bay. Anyone who can walk around calling himself "The Terror" in this day and age and avoid the wrath of the Patriot Act must know how to defend himself. Pick: Serra

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