Monday, January 29, 2007

Cesar Gracie Interview Transcript

Caleb: Hey everybody, welcome to The FightWorks Podcast, presented by On The This is Caleb, your host, and we've got Dan, our cohost, and of course we're joined today by Cesar Gracie. Cesar, how are you?

Cesar: Doing good, thank you.

Caleb: We know you're really busy these days, why don't you tell us a little bit about the things that are boiling right now on your stove.

Cesar: Um, fight-wise, we've got Nick fighting Gomi coming up here on the 24th of February. I've got Javier Vasquez and Renzo Gracie fighting February 10th in Showtime, I'm managing both those guys right now, and Jake Shields looks like he's going to Bodog, we're probably finalizing that today and he'll be flying down on the 11th of February for that fight, that's in Costa Rica, we'll be getting his opponent named shortly here and after that I've got both those guys Jake and Nick going over to Showtime May 5th, and that's what I got going on in the fight arena.

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