Monday, January 29, 2007

The Undefeated

I think Adam Lynn put it best at a recent post-fight press conference.

When discussing his TKO loss to Shad Lierley, Lynn responded to questions about whether the stoppage was premature by saying, “MMA is a sword fight. It’s that easy to get caught.”

He’s right. MMA is not for the careless. In boxing, a guy can make a mistake and recover while the referee counts patiently to ten, but not here. That’s part of the reason we see so few unbeaten fighters, even at the sport’s highest level.

While it’s not uncommon for champion boxers to have thirty or more fights without a defeat, an MMA fighter with an unblemished record is a statistical anomaly. It usually means he’s fought low-caliber opponents, or else he’s fought very few opponents at all.

And yet the IFL has given new life to at least a handful of fighters, who may have dropped bouts earlier in their career, but are riding a substantial win streak in the league.

Here now, a look at some of the IFL’s undefeated, who have yet to lose under the International Fight League standard.

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