Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dana meets with ESPN..also...Is the IFL in for an empty arena in Houston?

ESPN is on the verge of covering mixed martial arts - or at least the UFC - like it covers other professional sports. UFC President Dana White is headed to New York this week for a meeting with network honchos to discuss how it will all come together.

It's likely that UFC will get airtime scraps to start, similar to how the network covers other "fringe" pro sports. Don't expect wall-to-wall NFL-style coverage - yet.

Seems the International Fight League has taken a "if we host it, they will come" approach for its Feb. 2 show at Reliant Arena. Well, they aren't coming - at least not in droves.

A check Friday with the promotion for an update on ticket sales essentially produced a "no comment" response - PR-speak for "all is not well."

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