Sunday, January 28, 2007

Koscheck vs. Sanchez confirmed for UFC 69

"WELL WELL WELL, Just to clear a bunch of reports: YES, it's on UFC 69 Houston; TX there will be a KOSCHECK vs. Diego Sanchez. I hope you kids on the forums have some fun talking about KOSCHECK vs. Sanchez because yes it's on UFC 69 and yes, you'll tune in because you either hate me or love me with nothing in between!!!" - KOS

Two of the top 10 welterweights in the world are set to do battle at UFC 69 in April. Kos confirmed on a bulletin from Myspace that he will indeed get in the octagon with Diego in Houston.

This match first took place in TUF season 1 with Diego pulling out the close decision in a 2 round exhibition match.

The stakes are raised this time. Everytime one of these two athletes gets into the octagon, he wins, and everyone on every forum says they deserve a title shot. Well this time you may just get your wish.

The winner of this match will be the number one contender. I honestly believe the UFC will see it this way as well.

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