Sunday, January 28, 2007

Japan boxing faces crisis!

Who is stronger? Ex-world flyweight and bantamweight champ Masahiko Fighting Harada (55-7, 22 KOs) or ex-three time junior middle titlist Koichi Wajima (31-6-1, 25 KOs)? The Japanese boxing world is facing a crisis of splitting into two groups. In Japan, there are a couple of bodies; Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) and JPBA (Japan Pro-Boxing Association). The JBC regulates the boxing world as governing organization in charge of regulation and licensing, while the JPBA is a union of all the JBC-licensed club-owners under the traditional club system. The JPBA has had a serious internal problem. The president of the JPBA has been Masahiko Harada for six terms spanning last eighteen years, now supported by majority of 274 club-owners. However, Koichi Wajima has run for the JPBA presidency to terminate Harada's reign.

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