Saturday, January 27, 2007

ESPN to cover mma

According to Colin Cowherd of ESPN radio, the “upper moustaches” at ESPN are going to have a meeting to discuss how they will cover mma. The higher-ups at ESPN feel that they “missed the bus on covering mma” and are working out details on how to cover it. Dana White was also asked last night after the Ultimate Fight Night event if he knew if ESPN would eventually cover mma and his response was that he was having a meeting with them on thursday to go over details of the coverage, according to’s radio show (which you need to subscribe to in order to hear) . You need to be an ESPN insider, which costs around $75 a year, to hear Colin Cowherd’s show about the meeting ESPN was having pertaining to mma. Luckily for you bastards I am a member and I was able to save the audio and host it online. You can hear the full show by clicking here. What was that? a thank you? Oh, dont worry, it was my pleasure. Colin also goes on quite an amusing rant about how the WNBA is covered and mma is not.

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