Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gomi speaks about upcoming Las Vegas PRIDE

Gomi's opponent, Nick Diaz, has primarily fought in the UFC and with the exception of one local fight; his last 10 fights have all been in the UFC. Diaz won his November 2006 UFC fight by TKO. Although Diaz is well known among American fans, Gomi seems unconcerned, "Diaz is a jujitsu fighter and he's fought in SHOOTO, too, so I don't think of him as a UFC fighter." Jujitsu-based fighters have proven to be difficult opponents for Gomi, but Gomi is going after a clean win like his victory over Mitsuhiro Ishida on New Year's Eve, "Diaz isn't the same kind of fighter as Aurelio. He fights aggressively, at his own pace. I want to destroy him like I did (Ishida) in my last fight. I will fight at my pace, not his."

This will be Gomi's first fight overseas in four years. Gomi, however, isn't worried. Rather, he's looking forward to fighting in a new place, "It's a fresh feeling. It will be my first time in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to it." Gomi continued, "I saw how excited (the American fans) get when I watched the video of the last Las Vegas event. It's amazing. It's never quiet and everyone is having fun. I want them to enjoy all of my fight, from the entrance to the finish."

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