Thursday, January 25, 2007

Misaki speaks about upcoming Las Vegas PRIDE

Misaki's injuries are now completely healed and at the press conference, he strongly declared that he would make his return in his best condition in Las Vegas.

"I want to bring my momentum from last year into this first fight," Misaki commented. "This will be an ‘away game' in Las Vegas and my opponent, Frank Trigg, is a famous fighter in America. The only thing I can do is to bring the Japanese spirit, the spirit of bushido, into my fight. I want to show the fans at the event what it means to be a Japanese fighter."

Misaki is the embodiment of the PRIDE spirit that drives a fighter to fight head-on, no matter who is opponent is, and never back down. Misaki's theme for this fight is to show the American fans the kind of fight that a Japanese fighter gives. Asked about possible "USA!" chanting by fans at the venue, Misaki said it might be better for him if they do, "I'm interested to see how interested the American fans will be in me when the fight ends in that situation.

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