Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jackson is ready to 'Rampage'

He says it is the best move the UFC has ever made, he will take the U.S. fans by storm and he will help the sport grow even more than it recently has.

All this can be called an understatement from only oneperson, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, as he says he has been waiting to step into the Octagon since he was first informed he was one of the UFC's newest acquisitions and its best to date.

The Tennessee native, who now fights out of Irvine, will finally get his chance Saturday night at UFC 67 in Las Vegas when he faces Marvin Eastman.

"I did get excited when I heard the news," said Jackson, who last fought and won against Matt Lindland in July 2006. "I have been a UFC fan for a long time, and I know my buddy Tito Ortiz has been making millions of dollars with them, and I want to make millions of dollars with them. ... I have a few things I can do with that money."

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