Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mike Pyle talks leaving IFL, joining Elite XC

Submitted By: Keith Mills

On February 10th Elite XC hold their first show with five fights being shown live at 10 PM on premium cable channel Showtime plus five non-televised matches which will be streamed on Elite XC’s website. One of the streamed fights will be Mike Pyle vs. Ross Ebanez.

In the ADCC news archives are several updates with Mike Pyle from his days in Sportfight and as the WEC Champion through his time in the IFL.

KM: What is your status with the IFL?

MP: I’m still training with the Anacondas, I’m just not a member of the Anacondas team. I wasn’t liking my weight class is all. I’m not signed with the IFL any longer, I didn’t sign on to the new season, and I don’t work for them anymore. I signed a three-fight deal with Showtime.

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