Monday, January 29, 2007

Mirko Cro Cop - Here Comes The Hammer

His facial expression rarely changes as he stalks his foes, right leg forward in a southpaw stance, left hand cocked for a fast and straight punch that can either knock you out or stun you long enough for his true weapon to be unleashed – the one that you know is eventually coming.

And when that left kick comes, like a Roger Clemens fastball – high, hard, and designed to rattle you – you can do one of a number of things. You can try to run away, but it’s usually too late for that. You can duck, though the size of his leg is never more evident than when the bottom of his calf is destroying your equilibrium by clipping the top of your head. You can try to block it, but that can result in knocking yourself out from the force of the blow.

Your last resort? Take it and pray for the best. But eight times out of ten, taking this left kick to the head provides a first class ticket to the canvas and unconsciousness. If you don’t get knocked out, well, you’re one of the few.

Welcome to the world of Mirko Cro Cop.

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