Wednesday, January 24, 2007

News and Notes from Brazil, Featuring UFC Champ Anderson Silva

After leaving Chute Boxe, years ago, Muay Thai black belt Anderson Silva has been working hard to be one of the top fighters of –83kg division. He gathered together some Chute Boxe’ dissidents and formed a new group called Muay Thai Dream Team. Defending this new flag, he rocked the Cage Rage organization and took the belt of the organization, showing a sharpened Muay Thai and KO’ing several opponents. Such fame drove him to fight in another cage and this time inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he ran over Chris Leben in only 49 seconds of fight.

But his big shot came four months later at UFC 64 Unstoppable, held on October 14th. By that time, Silva replied to the critics, who pointed at his title shot as premature. “I own a belt at Shooto and Cage Rage and I am ready to bring to Brazil a new title. But the responsibility to retain the belt is his”, said Silva about former champion Rich Franklin. Using a deadly sequence of knees, Silva earned the belt with majesty, KO’ing Franklin at only 2:59 of the first round.

And now UFC has decided. Anderson Silva days with the belt may be in countdown. In February, Silva will defend his belt for the first time, against Travis Lutter, who during the last Ultimate Fight Night submitted Patrick Cote with an arm-lock. In a new academy, the Black House, Anderson Silva promises to train hard to retain the belt. “I know Lutter has such a great ground skill and I will train harder on my Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve faced tougher opponents, but every fight is a different fight and I will be ready for when my time comes”, finished Silva.

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