Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Imagine being trapped in a cell, unable to do the thing you most enjoy. Now imagine that cell is your own body, riddled with injuries, constantly holding you back regardless of progress you make to return to 100% health.

Such a scenario is a difficult one for anyone to fathom, but alas it’s been the world of MMA fighter Benji “Razor” Radach over the past three years. Once a promising middleweight prospect, Radach has suffered an unbelievable amount of physical setbacks starting with his last fight in June of 2004.

Now after finally healing and getting back into fighting form, Benji is set to return February 2nd as the new 185lb representative of Bas Rutten’s Los Angeles Anacondas as they take on the two-time defending IFL Champion Quad Cities Silverbacks in Huston, Texas.

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