Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Randy Couture Featured In Sports Illustrated

Clip From Article:

Although the Joes are having hard time taking down the Pros in most of the events, they continue to talk trash and ham it up while the cameras are rolling. The one individual, however, who hears nothing but feared silence when he faces the Joes is Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer Randy Couture, whose cauliflower ears and disfigured nose show that he's been in his fair share of rumbles.

Even while I stand next to him outside his locker room, nowhere near the caged octagon, which would soon become the Joes' house of pain, I keep as much distance as I can from the "The Natural."

"There's so many armchair quarterbacks and weekend warriors, whatever you want to call them, out there and they all think they can do this but until you get in there you don't know," says Couture, who makes each Joe submit at least five times during the five-minute rounds he has with each of them. "I like showing these guys what it's all about, but from the looks on their faces I don't think any of these Joes have any delusions of grandeur when they step into the cage with me."

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