Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Randy Couture Talks About His Return on Bodog Nation!

A reluctant fighter is asked if he wants a shot at the heavyweight title.

It’s not just the premise for the first Rocky, It’s also the life of mixed martial arts legend Randy Couture.

Since his last fight against Chuck Liddell in February 2006, the 43-year-old “retired” former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight and light heavyweight champ has avoided the rocking chair and remains a rock star.

“He’s busier than ever,” said Randy’s wife, Kim Couture. “I know that he’s looking forward to getting back to fighting so that he can take a break from business. His business meetings aren’t the typical person’s business meetings, where you’re running around town going from meeting to meeting. He’s running around the world. It’ll be nice to have him home for a while, eating, sleeping and training.”

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