Saturday, January 27, 2007

Royler and Kid at the Boar's Nest

L-R: Kerry, JD, Royler, Makua Rothman, Kaiborg, Raphael Romano and Kid - Photo Alvaro Romano

Kid and Royler on the mat at the 'Boar's Nest!! from our North Shore man: J.D.

It is about time you were here to enjoy the 'Boar's Nest' with us! Last night was a great night for me to be able to be on the mat with a legend such as Royler Gracie!! Let alone the one and only Kid Peligro!! What a nice time to see Royler teach and move like he does on the mat. It was like being invited to play basketball with Magic Johnson or Jordan!!

Well who could be next at the Nest? The level of the bar is at its highest!!Can't wait to get out in the surf with both of you. Hopefully it comes down to a size I want to go out in!!

Aloha, JD

KP - PS: Don't kid yourselves guys, JD is a hellman and one of the top videographers in the surfing world! He goesout in surf the size I only watch from a high ground : )

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