Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sean Salmon's "Fight Night" Diary

Hello everyone from Florida. Well, today is the day I really started to turn my focus back to the fight 100%. When I start training for a fight, I focus 100%, but when I get to the hotel a couple days before the fight, I only think about it when I am training. I do this because it is very easy to get yourself all wound up right when you get there and you still have several days to go it’s just wasting a lot of energy on nerves. However, today being the day before weigh ins, it's time to really start focusing again. I think I have an advantage because I don't have to cut a lot of weight, which leaves me more time for actual preparation.

I woke up a little earlier today than I normally do, no reason in particular. Had my breakfast and went for a jog. After that, my brothers, corner man BJ Hedger, and friend Jeremy Zemach, just relaxed in the room. I had a UFC camera crew come up and do about a 20-minute interview. They will also be following me around tomorrow and Thursday. I am not sure what they are dong with the footage (for the website or DVD?). After that, my brother/trainer Danny and I went down to the mats and basically just broke a sweat rolling. Nothing specific or too tough. When we were done, we got a quick bite to eat and are now watching a movie and about to go to bed.

I am going to wake up at about 8:45 tomorrow to get a quick workout in. We have to check in with the UFC anytime between 9 and 11 a.m.

That is all for today. Tomorrow’s blog should be a bit more interesting since we have weigh-ins. I am looking forward to it.

Goodnight from Florida.



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