Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

A lot of information comes across my desk in the IFL’s New York office. Some of it is reliable, some isn’t, and some is slurred incoherently by our interns and graphic designers. Most of the latter is too obscene to publish, but there are some genuinely interesting rumors from mostly sober sources swirling in the ether of the IFL these days.

That’s why I’ve created the Weekend Wrap-Up, a new feature on to help the spread of unsubstantiated gossip and almost reputable news. Think of it as my weekly, libelous gift to you, the reading public.

Topics Of Article
- Shamrock vs. Shamrock: Done, But Far From Finished
- Soszynski Out of IFL Houston
- Whitehead and Frye: a Perfect Marriage?
- Anacondas Looking to Settle a Score in Houston

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