Friday, February 2, 2007

48 Hours Before Their Match Silva and Lutter talks with FHM

By Shallon Lester

How ready are you for Saturday’s title fight?
Very ready!

Travis: I’m in great shape. It’s going to be an exciting fight.

What do you have that your opponent lacks?
Travis: I don’t think I have any specific edge over Anderson—we’re completely different fighters. I’m a ground fighter and he’s a stand-up fighter. I think he’s the best striker in the world, but I’m pretty confident with my fighting style. I guess we’ll find out Saturday night.

Anderson: It’s not really a matter of what skills Travis lacks or vice versa—this fight is going to be all about strategy. It’s going to come down to whoever makes the first wrong move.

What is your opponent’s biggest weakness?
Anderson: I’m not sure. I haven’t fought him yet.

Travis: I don’t think Anderson has any flaws!

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