Tuesday, February 6, 2007

After loss at ADCC, Jucão wants UFC shot!

The BTT athlete Roan Jucão, who did signed contract to do three bouts at the UFC octagon, will do his first bout at the American event on April 5th, at UFC Fight Night 9. Jucão, who will face the Hawaiaan fighter Antony Torres, said that doesn’t know his adversary, but knows that he never did lose. “I don’t know him a too muchm but he is pupil of the Enoue brothers and he never did lose”, said Jucão.

Champion of the national selective of ADCC 2005, Jucão enjoyed the opportunity to avaluate his defeat at the selective to Marcelo Uirapuru (Gracie Barra BH) and guaranteed that the favoritism didn’t disturb him. “We just did need more resistence. I did lose some weight to fight. I have always trained Submission and I did get in the selective to adapt myself into the weight. I lost for a tought athlete just because of a little detail”, said Roan Jucão who is expecting to be invited by the ADCC organization.

Source: www.tatame.com

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