Friday, February 16, 2007

Bas Rutten: No Rest for the Weary

Hey everybody, and welcome to my blog! My life is completely crazy right now, but that's nothing new.

As you know, my team, the Anacondas, are coming off a huge win over the Silverbacks. That felt good, and man, did we enjoy it. We partied it up after that one, but nothing too crazy. Just the team all together at the hotel. It’s better that way.

If you go out to some bar to celebrate you lose each other and can’t really enjoy it as a team. That’s no good. We stayed in the hotel, had some drinks to celebrate, and really savored it. It was a great night for us.

But now the celebrating is over. Like I told my guys, we have to work even harder now, because everyone will be gunning for us.

The funny thing is, with all of this coaching and everything else, it’s so hard to find time to do my own training at my own gyms, like Legends and the Bas Rutten Elite MMA gym in Thousand Oaks.

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