Friday, February 16, 2007

Remco Pardoel Interview!

Interview by Dino

Dino: You are a legendary fighter of the early days, but you have fought recently. Did you find many differences between the old and the new era?
Remco: In the past it was standing fighters against ground fighters. The sports evolved in 10 years .. at the moment UFC is getting bigger than boxing I think we achieved a lot. Also a new sport come out of MMA and BJJ...grappling..and i think grappling will replace wrestling in 10 years

Dino: You are probably the most expert dutch fighter on the ground and a pioneer of grappling. Is the new generation of mma fighters even focused on grappling or the stand-up still have a big influence on them?
Remco: In December 1993 I introduced BJJ in Europe and we had an great team to build up BJJ / Grappling I helped the guys in Sweden and Norway on their search of the right way. I was always blessed with the best teachers which gave seminars in my club Draculino is the man which sets the plan, we had the pleasure of having Ze Marcello, Estima, Lemos, Felipe Costa, Roleta and many more...

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