Friday, February 16, 2007

Eric Schafer vs Sean Salmon at UFC 71

Well, redimaniacs... It looks like I will be fighting in the UFC for a little while longer. Despite my lose, they signed me to a new contract for 3 more fights (4 total left). With all this money I am going to buy myself a new pair of trousers and a maybe that Super Nintendo I keep hearing such great things about.

Also, it looks like I will be fighting on May 26th at UFC 71 at Madalay Bay in Las Vegas. It looks like Chuck Liddell will be headlining again. It also looks like I will not be fighting a dirty foreigner this time, but a dirty Wisconsinite. Yikes! My opponent looks like it will be Sean Salmon (fought Rashad Evans a few weeks ago). Sean left our beautiful state to wrestle at THE Ohio State University which is like an American joining Al Qaeda. He is a good guy, so when we fight I will be picturing Brutus Buckeye as I hit him.

My knee is healing slowly from the surgery. I started walking without crutches again Monday. I bought this sweet swimming floating thing so I can swim without my legs. I have been lifting too, but just my bis, abs, and chest. I hear that is what chicks dig the most... I should be training again in 2 weeks.



Source: Eric Schafer

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