Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Briefly with Dana White

By Elias Cepeda

Recently Zuffa President Dana White spoke with reporters during a tele-conference for UFC 68, happening in Columbus, Ohio on March 3rd. The event will be headlined by UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia defending his belt against former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Randy Couture. See what the man in charge of the UFC had to say regarding Couture, Sylvia and Pride as competition.

On Randy Couture
“He’s one of the pioneers of the sport one of greatest champions ever…he’s the guy we were going to keep around anyway in another capacity…I was at the video games awards when he called me and told me he wanted to come back. It was no surprise to me. I thought it was bullshit the first time he retired. Even after losing, he was the number two light heavyweight in the world. I still consider him the number two light heavyweight in the world now.”

On Tim Sylvia not getting the credit he deserves
“No he doesn’t. He's a very tough guy that has knocked a lot of people out. I think it’s in the way he represents himself sometimes. If you flip fans off you are not going to have a lot of them.”

On Pride making ostensible references to the UFC during their second US soil show on February 24th
“I was in England, so I didn’t see the fight. When you are number two, that’s the sh_t you have to do. I don’t do that because I don’t have to. We’re number one. Not only are they number two, but they are not the brightest bulbs on the porch either.”


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