Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Briefly with Jason MacDonald

By: Elias Cepeda

During a recent tele-conference promoting UFC 68, Jason MacDonald answered reporters’ questions regarding his upcoming fight with former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin, March 3rd in Columbus, Ohio.

On whether or not he feels that he will have the advantage on the ground against Franklin, and if he believes he can take the fight there

“Well you know I’m not fooling myself. Rich will be well prepared, what I have is the ability to capitalize on mistakes. I don’t claim to be some big jiu-jitsu guy, I never have. I just push the pace fast and hard and make my opponent make a mistake, and I’m usually am able to capitalize. I don’t see this fight as being any different. If Rich makes a mistake on the ground, I will definitely be able to capitalize for sure” says MacDonald.

On being a “stepping stone”

“I like to think I’ve already proved myself to not be a pushover so I don’t think the UFC sees me as a stepping stone for Rich. I see it as a great match up with two aggressive fighters that have two entirely different motives. Rich wants to get back to the title, and I want to make my way up in the UFC.

On the chances of him getting knocked out

“In almost 30 fights I’ve never been knocked out. Every fight I go into my opponent is threatening to knock me out. I don’t see that happening.”


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