Thursday, February 1, 2007

Can 'Lil Evil' climb back to the top again?

Life has never been easy for Jens Pulver (21-7-1). Born and raised in Maple Valley, Washington to a father who was also an alcoholic and abusive towards Jens and his siblings, Jens' childhood was one filled with violence. In his autobiography, “Little Evil, One Ultimate Fighter’s Rise to the Top”, Pulver talks about how his father once placed a shotgun in his mouth and was preparing to shoot him when he changed his mind at the last minute and told his son “you aren't worth the bullets”.

To help cope with the abuse, Jens joined an amateur wrestling program and would go onto success, winning two state championships and wrestle for Boise State until an injury ended his wrestling career. After that, Jens began studying Mixed Martial Arts.

Jens would begin his MMA career by competing in a Bas Rutten invitational tournament where he would win in the first round, but lose in the second round. Pulver would comeback and fight in the very next tournament held by the promotion and win it, defeating future TUF 2 winner Joe Stevenson by knockout in the finals.

The up and down road of ‘Lil Evil’ career had begun...

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