Friday, February 16, 2007

Dan Henderson: Walk softly and carry a big stick

By Roberto Cepeda

Dan Henderson is certainly by any standard one of the toughest MMA fighters to ever set foot in the ring or octagon. He is gifted with athleticism and carries with him a resolve and tenacity that is backed by some of the biggest stones any man can possess. I mean any MMA fighter today has to have an amount of courage that normal humans simply don’t possess but Dan is one of those rare fighters that rise to a challenge. “I like to fight heavier fighters, I like the challenge”, he commented. Yes Dan but you’re talking about fighting against some of the most talented, meanest MMA stars in the world. That alone is a feat, but to go in to fight someone who outweighs you and to have done this regularly is something that few professional MMA fighters would consider more than once, given the level of talent that is out there today.

I was fortunate enough to have spent some time talking to Dangerous Dan. I was interested in finding out if possible who he is, what makes him tick and perhaps come away gleaning a bit of insight. What does it take to be the welterweight champion of Pride? How did he become this modern day gunslinger who backs away from no one?

What goes on in his mind while someone bigger, heavier and with an arsenal of weapons is trying to knock him out? These and other questions will be answered through -out the course of this interview.

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