Thursday, February 8, 2007

The deepest cut

By Mike Chiappetta

Travis Lutter speaks after missing weight and losing to Anderson Silva

Travis Lutter won the opportunity of a lifetime when he bested seven other middleweights to win The Ultimate Fighter 4, giving him an opportunity to shoot to the front of the pack and challenge Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight championship. It seemed like a Rocky Balboa-type story, but real life doesn't always get its happy ending.

Instead of defeating Silva for the title, Lutter lost his chance to even compete for the belt when he failed to make weight for their scheduled Feb. 3 matchup. It was a devastating development, and one most fans couldn't understand.

How could he make such a mistake given the chance of a lifetime? Just like a fighter, Lutter didn't hide from a difficult situation. In this exclusive interview with, Lutter explained what went wrong and what he learned from the mistake.

Q: How are you doing following the controversy and fight?
A: I'm doing a lot better. I've recovered from the weight loss, and looking back, I know I lost but I felt like I was winning the fight up until I got caught. Anyone can get caught. I'm sure Anderson has been in that situation before, winning the fight but then getting caught and submitted. It happens

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