Thursday, February 8, 2007

NJ replay innovation looks good!

By Graham Houston

My first reaction to the New Jersey commission's instant-replay initiative was one of scepticism. I even wrote a column for the latest Boxing Monthly saying I was against the idea. Now I am not quite so sure, not after the Terrance Cauthen-Raul Frank controversy in New York. For anyone who missed it, the NJ commission is inviting promoters to exercise the option of using instant-replay technology when something controversial happens, such as a disputed low blow, the question of whether a cut was caused by a punch or a head clash or if a knockdown was really a slip — things of that nature.

My concern was that we would have bouts being delayed while contentious issues were analysed on screen, perhaps changing the course of a contest. Then we had last week's controversial ending in the fight between Cauthen and Frank.

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