Thursday, February 8, 2007


By Mike Russell

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines a machine as “an apparatus using or applying mechanical power; having several parts, each with a definite function which together perform certain kinds of work”. This definition is also a fitting description of the dangerous, oft time frenetic fighting style of Mark “The Machine” Hominick(13-5-0).

The function of “The Machine” this Friday night at TKO 28 “Inevitable” at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec will be to suppress the submission attempts of TKO Featherweight Champion, Hatsu Hioki (11-1-1), while working towards finishing the Japanese Shooto fighter.

“I’ll have to be careful in the first round to not let him attempt to go for a quick submission. I think the longer the fight goes the likelihood it will end in my favor increases,” says the Canadian striker “I’m just going to have to push the pace and really make him work for his takedowns and everything he wants to do. After the second or third round, I’m going for the TKO. I always try to finish the fight. That’s always been my game plan. I’ll let my hands and feet dictate when the fight will end.”

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