Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dr. Keith Ablow Show Featured Sherk, Florian, Serra, Lytle and Carter

By UFC Junkie

Last week we reported that The Dr. Keith Ablow show was planning to tape a show devoted to The Ultimate Fighting Championship and some of its fighters.

One of our readers took up the show’s offer for free tickets and attended the taping yesterday in New York City. He just reported in with the list of the five UFC fighters who were guests on the show.

They included:
Sean Sherk, Kenny Florian, Matt Serra, Chris Lytle, Shonie Carter.

It was an interesting mix. Obviously, none of the organization’s biggest names Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, etc. were in attendance, but overall, it was a pretty good sampling of UFC personalities.

I actually just heard Sherk and Lytle a few nights ago on The Scott Ferrall Show on Sirius, and both of them struck me as good media guests.

(Also, is it just me, or has Florian become something of a poster boy and go-to ambassador for the UFC? Obviously, he’s a fairly intelligent and well-spoken guy, but is there something super-appealing about this guy that I’m missing?)

In any manner, there’s no word on when the show may actually air. Once I find out, though, I’ll post it here.

Also, I’ve asked the reader who attended the taping to send me some feedback, so I’m hoping to have his thoughts posted too.

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