Saturday, February 24, 2007

WWE's Jim Ross on MMA

By Jim Ross

MMA-Mixed Martial Arts is an interesting genre that I enjoy from time to time. It has gotten so fragmented that it is hard to keep up with all the players, who are the stars, etc, but all in all I enjoy it when I have the opportunity to watch it. Is MMA competition to the WWE on PPV? Certainly. Any PPV offering is competition to the WWE as most families only have so much disposable income for PPVs, etc.

That would also include the NFL package on DirecTV, etc. MMA seems to be more of a threat to boxing than to sports entertainment, but if the attractions are all in place, then there is plenty of room for everyone to earn a nice buck or two. But to answer a direct question, yes, in my opinion, Mixed Martial Arts is a PPV competitor to the WWE or any entity who presents their products on PPV.

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