Saturday, February 24, 2007

Public Weigh-In and Press Conference Held at Caesars Palace

The press conference and public weigh-in for PRIDE.33 were held on Friday, February 23rd at the Caesars Palace Ballroom.

A huge line of fans waited in front of the Caesars Palace Ballroom long before doors opened to the public at 3:00pm. Large numbers of fans and media gathered for the public Press Conference. All fighters made weight the first time around.

Notable at the weigh-in was the face-to-face between Misaki and Trigg, creating tension in the air. Despite friction between Nick and Gomi, Gomi did not budge to Nick's provocation. Dan dropped down from his usual weight, weighing in at 199.5 lbs

Following the weigh-in was the Press Conference. PRIDE Executive Producer, Takada Nobuhiko, greeted the crowd in English. All fighters commented on tomorrow's big event, expressing their excitement. After receiving questions from the media, fans had an opportunity to pose their own questions to the fighters.

Former NFL football player of the Dallas Cowboys, Herschel Walker, made a special guest appearance, stating that he has been a long-time fan of PRIDE and that their fighters are the best in the world. All fighters were lined up for a photo shoot afterwards.


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