Friday, February 9, 2007

Elite XC - Destiny - Weigh in results.

By Loretta Hunt

Notes from the weigh in:

•Former PRIDE vet Murilo “Ninja” Rua is in attendance and has confirmed his signing with Elite XC. Rua says he has been told by promoters he will face the winner of the Loiseau-Villasenor fight on the next Elite XC card.

•In addition to the standard Unified Rules, the Mississippi Athletic Commission has enacted a rule where fighters will not be able to travel with their opponents to slam them against the cage without a foul being called.

“The fighter will not be able to totally move the fight and use the cage as a weapon,” said Commissioner John Lewis, who took some heat from MMA veteran Maurice Smith for the divergent rule. Lewis specified that a stationary slam is legal or a slam may be performed close to the fence without traveling.

•Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Rico Rodriguez was working the camps, conducting interviews with a few of tomorrow night’s entries for the Pro Elite Web site.

Official Weigh In Results
Frank Shamrock (185 lbs) vs. Renzo Gracie (180 lbs)
Wesley “Cabbage” Correira (275) vs. Antonio Silva (298)
David Loiseau (184) vs. Joey Villasenor (186)
Charles Bennett (155) vs. KJ Noons (154.5)
Gina Carano (141.25) vs. Julie Kedzie (137)
Bo Cantrell (233) vs. Tim Persey (259)
Chris Gates (185) vs. Riki Fukuda (184)
Adriano Periera (156) vs. Javier Vasquez (155)
Mike Pyle (169) vs. Ross Ebanez (171)
John Shackelford (155.5) vs. Edson Berto (154)

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