Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Elvis Sinosic vs Michael Bisping UFC 70

By Josh Hedges

Now official is the fight between Australian UFC veteran Elvis Sinosic and TUF3 light heavyweight winner Michael Bisping at UFC70. Bisping fighting in his home town will face his most difficult challenge to date. Elvis is coming off a great win against Mark Epstein at a recent Cage Rage promotion.

We spoke to Elvis Sinosic today and got this Exclusive with him about the fight.

MMAsports: You'll be facing Michael Bisping at UFC70, obviously being in England he would be the crowd favourite, would that effect you mentally, is it a huge disadvantage?
Elvis: No not at all. I pretty much always fight away from home. I always seem to be facing the crowd favourite. For me it's just another day at work in the cage.

MMAsports: What do you think of Michael Bisping as a fighter?
Elvis: I think Michael is a very talented fighter. He has some good all round skills. You don't get to where he is at the moment without being good at what you do.

MMAsports: What are your predictions on the fight and your game plan?
Elvis: My prediction is that I will win. Whether it is by submission or KO is inconsequential, because I can do either.

MMAsports: If he has any thought to take you lightly, what would you like to say to him?
Elvis: Don't. Come fully prepared. Come ready for war. I want the best Bisping possible in front of me. I want a fight to remember!


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