Wednesday, February 21, 2007

K-1 eyes US MMA market

The organization plans to hold Heroes in the land of Uncle Sam

Pride is not the only organization with its eye on taking a fat slice of the American MMA market, now dominated by the UFC. Pride’s rival in Japan, K-1 plans to cross the pacific and organize MMA events on American soil. The date has yet to be defined, but sources indicate that the Heroes (K-1’s MMA branch) debut show should take place in May and have Brock Lesnar, well-known wrestler, and Royce Gracie as their principle spokesmen.

“At this time, we are fighting the UFC with a bamboo switch, but in the future we will put our knowledge to practice and the bamboo will turn into a samurai sword. The goal is to carry out four pay-per-view events per year and put an end to the UFC's moment of glory," said Tanigawa, K-1 strongman.


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