Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Overeem to Euro ADCC qualifiers

The Duthman managed a place in 2005 but did not compete

Alistair Overeem is known for his dangerous standing game. However, he has never given up on proving to the world he is also good on the ground. As the opponent of the Brazilian Mauricio Shogun at Pride 33 next Saturday, the Dutch fighter will try, on the 23rd of March, to repeat the deed he achieved in 2005: to win the European qualifiers for the ADCC, principle submission grappling tournament on the planet.

The name Alistair Overeem is confirmed among those signed up to step into the fighting area in Turku, Finland. If he beats his adversaries in the under 98.9 kg weight group, Overeem will have recuperated the opportunity he missed in 2005, when he, like Ricardo Arona, passed up the chance to fight in the ADCC in order to compete in the Pride middleweight GP. Curiously, the two reached the final phase, both stopped by the champion to be, Mauricio Shogun.

It is worth remembering that signing up for the European ADCC qualifiers will only go until next Friday, the 23rd.


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