Thursday, February 1, 2007

European BJJ Championship results

The black belt from Gracie Barra and training mate of Roger Gracie, Bráulio Estima was the great name of the European BJJ Championship, that was held on last January 27th and 28th, in Lisboa, . Bráulio won the Absolute category defeating in the final the world champion Alexandre Ribeiro (Saulo Ribeiro), while at the heavy category he won his team mate Lucio Rodrigues Lagarto. The pupil of Manimal, Rafael Abi-Rihan (Carlson Gracie Team) got the first place at the half-heavy category and his team mate Antonio Sérgio Canudo got the second place.

The Brasa academy got two titles under the black belt with Alan Nascimento winning the medium category and Reinaldo Ribeiro getting the Featherweight title. The leader of the Alliance team Fábio Gurgel was the champion of the Senior I at the category Super Heavy and at the Asbolute one. Check out the complete results of the event at the CBJJ website ( and check out now the black belt results:

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