Thursday, February 1, 2007

Shooto Ban BRAZIL Over Belt

The Brazilian media are reporting a rather bizarre story today.

Apparently Shooto Brazil President, Andres Pederneiras, has received an official notice from the Shooto HQ in Japan to the effect that all Brazilian fighters have been suspended indefinitely from Shooto Japan events until former Shooto Champion Alexandre Franca Nogueira returns his championship belt, which is reported to be worth in the region of $5000.

As a consequence, Pederneiras has had to postpone the first Shooto Brazil event in over a year, which was scheduled for March 24th in Rio De Janerio.

In response to the information “Pequeno” said:

“I have held the title for seven years and I want it to stay in my trophy room… But if this will harm other Brazilians’ chances of fighting in Japan, I will return it.”


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