Friday, February 16, 2007

Fedor Gets Ready for Matt Lindland

Just weeks ago, Olympic Silver Medalist Matt Lindland revealed he had inked a deal to fight at heavyweight the number one-ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko for BodogFight's April 9th pay-per-view in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lindland, a stalwart middleweight who has twice made the jump to the 205-pound class, will be expected to give up at least 20 pounds to the Russian champion.

Fresh off a win against Mark Hunt at Pride's recent Shockwave card, Emelianenko spoke to FCF about the unusual fight, his thoughts on Lindland, and his current fighting life.

FCF: What are you doing in St. Petersburg now?
Fedor: I am dealing with my teeth right now, some dental work. I've been delaying it for a long time so I have to take care of it right now.

FCF: Your team, the Red Devil Sport Club, was featured on Bodogfight. Can you describe how your relationship with them developed and how they asked you to fight?
Fedor: I have the best relationship with Bodog fight right now. I don't remember very well, but I think they first asked me to fight before the Costa Rica fight. (Note: Emelianenko is most likely referring to the first season of BodogFight, shot in Costa Rica)

FCF: What were your first thoughts when you learned you would be fighting Matt Lindland?
Fedor: Unfortunately, I haven't seen his fights, so I can't say much about this right now. I've only heard a lot of good things about him. I know he's a very good fighter. He has shown good results as a fighter.

FCF: Your previously scheduled opponent, Jeff Monson, also had a strong wrestling and submission background. Matt Lindland is an Olympic Silver Medalist in wrestling. Are you adjusting your training to fit his style? Will your preparation be similar to your fight with Mark Coleman, who was also a strong wrestler?
Fedor: Of course my preparation changes depending on who I'm fighting with, and I'm trying to find out what kind of a fighter I have to fight with, what he's strong in, if it's more of the sparring I have to work on. But no matter who I'm going to fight, I'm trying to be prepared with everything.

FCF: Do you feel Lindland is a challenge for you? Are there any ways you think he is dangerous to you?
Fedor: I know he is a silver medalist, and that he is a champion. I know it's going to be a serious fight. I really don't know what kind of threat he presents. But in all my fights I'm always ready for the worst, to deal with anything.

FCF: Any word from Pride on your next opponent?
Fedor: No, not right now. I know nothing yet. Pride wants me to fight Josh Barnett or Rulon Gardner. [Gardner] is the Olympic champion.

FCF: If you have to fight Josh Barnett, will it be harder to fight him because you're friends?
Fedor: Of course I won't like to fight against Josh because we're friends. But I'm not thinking about this fight yet.

FCF: Do you have a message for Matt Lindland?
Fedor: First of all, I want to wish him good luck. I hope that the fight takes place and nobody's hurt too much, and both of us show a beautiful fight.

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Osman said...

Fedor: Of course my preparation changes depending on who I'm fighting with

in the past when fedor was asked this same question, he used to respond by saying he didnt. i wonder what made him change the things he says

Badmolar said...

I am a dentist, and Fedor's biggest fan amongst tooth jockeys. Imagine the fear in that dentists false move, your spine is torn out and you are looking at your torso across the room.

EvilMaster said...