Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gracie beats Shamrock by DQ on first Elite Xtreme Combat MMA card

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (CP) - Veteran middleweight Renzo Gracie won by disqualification over Frank Shamrock on Saturday night on the Elite XC mixed martial arts card dubbed Destiny.

The fight was stopped two minutes in the second round and Shamrock had a point taken away for an illegal knee to the back of the head. Gracie was on top of Shamrock near the edge of cage at the time with Shamrock's back on the ground and his legs up against the cage - firing knees at Gracie.

A dazed Gracie was given five minutes to recover but was unable to continue and needed help leaving the ring. The win was awarded to him.

His manager said he had a concussion.

"I thought we came here to fight. That's what I was doing," Shamrock said in the ring. "I don't know what happened . . . I barely hit the guy, God bless him. But obviously he took the foul and he got the win.

"My bad, I'm sorry."

Referee Herb Dean said he had warned Shamrock about a blow to the back of the head earlier in the fight.

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