Sunday, February 11, 2007


Southaven, Miss. – Debut events can be the toughest time for any organization trying to put the best foot forward in MMA. When the UFC came back under Zuffa in 2001, every televised fight going to decision and a main event getting cut off by pay-per-view didn’t bode well for the organization. Lackluster production plagued the WFA’s debut event in 2006. And now Elite XC gets to add on to that list in which a great night of fights were overshadowed by a controversial ending in the main event.

Frank Shamrock and Renzo Gracie added another chapter to their family rivalry but this time with no solid conclusion to talk about. In the first round, Shamrock came out looking to stand with Gracie, landing some good leg kicks early on. Gracie withstood and got to the clinch with Shamrock, eventually taking him down where he spent a great amount of time in side control trying to improve positions. The 2nd round opened much the same way with Renzo Gracie taking Shamrock down with relative ease and ending up in side control once again.

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