Monday, February 5, 2007

Hatton: I'm fighting Castillo!

Although it has been widely reported that Team Hatton has apparently committed to the IBF that Ricky Hatton will fight IBF mandatory challenger Lovemore Ndou in his next bout, "The Hitman" himself doesn't sould like he's on board with that plan. "The Castillo will go ahead 100% in June and is going to be in Las Vegas," Hatton told Sky Sports. "It is up to my promotional team to sort out with the IBF what is going to happen, but if I am going to have to vacate the belt, sadly that is what I will have to do." The IBF has mandated that Hatton face Ndou or the belt will be vacated.

Meanwhile, Hatton's co-promoter Dennis Hobson is quoted in the Guardian as saying "We hope to have this resolved in the next few days. We will be speaking to Ndou's people this week to discuss exactly what our options are. I would personally rather do the Castillo fight."

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